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Thread: Fruit of the forest!

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    Fruit of the forest!

    Was at a driven hunt yesterday. The weather forecast was less than good but it was better than expected with cold and sunshine. Ten minutes in a big roe buck and a doe came into view then disappeared. I had a feeling as to where they would reappear as I had shot from this high seat previously. The doe appeared first and the buck was just behind.

    They were about 80 meters uphill from me at a 40 degree angle. I fired at the doe but thought I had missed. The buck ran from right to left as I tracked him through the scope, when he paused I fired. He walked 10 meters as if nothing had happened then collapsed. On making my way up to the buck I slipped and twisted my ankle rather badly and unknown to me I dropped my knife. I made my way to where I aimed at the doe, saw no blood and limped back to the buck.

    Back at the high seat and about to gralloch, I couldn't find my knife. I used my back up knife and was thinking of the nice liver supper to be had that evening but was anxious about the knife as it cost a fortune! Time passed and I heard occasional shots ring out. I was really hoping to see some pigs. I

    Thinking about my knife I decided to go and have a gander for it. Hobbling up the hill in semi dense undergrowth I thought the knife was gone but as luck would have it, I found the doe, that I thought that I had missed. Ten minutes later 4 boar sauntered down the hill behind me.......the noise is unmistakable. I turned around and saw them but they heard me and proceeded to hang a right moving further away. They were all big and mature so I put a bead on the lead sow, giving a bit of lead, pulled the trigger. They all raced off but the lead sow started rolling and fell down the hill. Watching a boar somersault is incredible. My knife didn't mean so much to me anymore!

    After lunch, some guys helped me look for my knife and I managed to find it. The animals were laid out and branches were handed to the fortunate hunters. The ceremony is almost religious, a truly spiritual experience. I drove home with a big grin on my face to be welcomed by the family! What a day!
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    Well done, it's always nice to end up with a mixed bag. A day to remember!

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    Excuse my ignorance but are there no close seasons for sexes for roe there mate .Well done on your boar though mate .

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    The closed season for roe runs from the 1st February to 30th April.

    Have to wait 2 weeks for the next hunt.....

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    Nice write up and nice result! Hope your ankle is okay.

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    Thats a true mixed bag! Well done...
    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    That looks like a pretty extraordinary day's shooting, well done! Just out of interest, I may well have a chance at the driven boar in a fortnight, although it won't be from a high seat. I've shot running boar/deer targets on the range, but like with clays, they don't change direction or speed, so it's only an approximation of the real thing. At what sort of range were you shooting, and how much lead were you giving the boar? On the range, I track the boar target's eye or ear depending on how fast the target's going. On the deer I aim just ahead of its' chest.

    I suppose there's no substitute for experience, but should the chance arise, I'd like to not make a mess of things.

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    The Roe were 80m upihill. The Doe was shot when she paused and the buck was walking slowly so I aimed straight on. The boar was 90m and quartering away so I aimed at the tip of his nose. The entry was a bit behind but the exit was at his right shoulder.........his lungs were a mess. Good luck with your hunt.
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    well done and a nice write up. Someday I would like to try boar shooting

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    Good photo's well done.


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