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Thread: Navara vibration

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    Navara vibration

    Hi guys
    my 08 navara developed a vibration throughout the car between 65 and 75mph.

    I didnt get get it checked out as I thought it could be wheel balancing and as I was getting goodridge AT put on.

    New tyres on and the vibration even worse. Looks like an appointment at Nissan.

    Anyone any ideas what it could be?


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    May be the drive shafts, but at this distance it is a dodgy guess at best. Still you could roll under it and "waggle" each end by the UJ to check for play.

    Hope this helps,


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    have you been off road roading and ripped a balance weight off a propshaft?Inspect both props for damage.
    ​Has the vehicle got a centre diff lock? if so engage the cdl and remove front and rear prop one at a time and test it.

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    I had a similar problem with my old D22, it was free play in a propshaft UJ
    atb Tim

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    I had the same on mine, prop shaft bolts were loose!!

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    Thanks for replies guys
    its done about 75k , I will book into Nissan tomorrow


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    could be a buckled wheel , wheelbearing, uj on the propshaft or any one of a dozen other potential failures, if it's that bad get a grown up to check it out 70mph is no time to find out it was something vital
    a barony original

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    Prop shaft, this has happened twice on mine now, same every time.

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    It will be from the prop shaft or uj or centre bearing you just need to get it on a ramp and check for play.

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    Well i took navara to Nissan and they rebalanced the 2 front tyres which made an improvement but now vibrates between 65 and 80 mph
    when I get to 82mph all vibration stops and car runs smoothly.
    I took back to tyre centre and they rebalanced and adjusted all four balancing weights, and a further improvement but still some vibration.

    I just dont don't understand why it smooths out at 82 mph


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