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Thread: Solway stalking

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    Solway stalking

    Tuesday just gone I was stalking with Colin (solway) for a day on the red's. A five month wait is a bloody long time but comes around very quick.
    Travelling up the M6 on the Monday to stay at the Mabie house hotel, its my first time staying there and I can't fault it, great rooms, service and food. I bumped into Grffier from here not knowing it was him apologies for that. I love the whole aspect of stalking as the excitement the day before to even the day its self, unfortunately Colin couldn't join us for a drink the night prior.
    Anyway my alarm was set for 04:30 but I was awake anyway. Colin collected us at 6am and the weather was looking promising with clear sky and a nice North West wind. On route to the estate Colin was bringing us up to date with recent activity and what to expect from today's events. A quick debrief about which ride to stalk and we were off at 7am. Attachment 33444
    Attachment 33432 Scanning several rides nothing was appearing and all was very quiet so I decided to take a quick snap-shot as you can see the scenery was some what amazing.
    Approx 100 yards from where I taken the above photo to my left a ride appeared a slow creep around a stag became visible straight away, then he seen us, a quick call to try and halt him, with no messing around I was very quickly up on the sticks with the cross hairs on him not presenting a perfect broadside and moving left to right then became perfect broadside but only for a split second then he moved only visible to me then as he moved away was a side view of his haunch. I thought he was gone but within that time a safe shot was not on due to his movement. Then another call surprisingly he came for another look still no perfect broad side but standing still looking at us I moved the cross hairs to his neck with a squeeze of the trigger a 150g round was on its way dropping him on the spot. Then I heard "well done, great shot he's dropped on the spot"
    This was the reward for the patients and a perfect neck shot.Attachment 33434 Attachment 33435 Attachment 33436 the third picture was the opening where we stalked around shot taken approx 90 yards. A good cull 6 pointer stag, straight into the argo and off to the larder for the prep into the food chain. Its nice seeing others folks facilities and how they go about things their own way. He weighed in bang on 190lbs tagged up and paper work sorted. I was kindly offered a little ride around the estate on which I taken the offer up which on route we noticed in the distance a huge stag not sure of how many points he had but I'm certain he was above 10 points.
    I arranged prior with Colin and between stalks about stalking a goat. I have stalked the goats once before.

    Prior to spotting the goats we bumped into another stag holding four hind's
    The far right and the bottom of the trees of this picture is where we spotted the goats and stalked up to.Attachment 33437
    A path route to stalk was decided upon and off we went, ( a quick puff on my inhaler was need before we got to the incline) from where you can see the beck even though it looks easy it isn't as its long grass/heather and I only have 25 inch inside legs which I jokingly was reminded off.
    Another glass at them and I was told stalk the last bit on my own as I needed to get to the last point quietly and unsceneable, I got as close as I could and roughly 125 yards there was only one billy that was presentable cross hairs on the heart safety off another 150g of the day was on its way dropping the billy on the spot this was my reward Attachment 33438 and this is the gradient which had to be stalked crawled and another amazing view Attachment 33439

    As I looked back Colin was making his way back towards the tree and line. Colin knows that I like a good stalk involving a walk, crawl even if its crawling through muck etc...Colin's plan worked. The goat all cleaned, gear on my back goat at the back off me, easy going down hill but by the time I got to the beck I was struggling dragging the goat through the tall vegetation. I had at one stage had the goat and equipment around my neck but felt a little unbalanced but had no choice when crossing the beck but I felt like rambo As well having small legs I have short arms. I had to take my belt off putting it around the neck of the goat leaving a bit of leverage and distance between me and the goat, Colin was watching me all of the time laughing his head off then he seen me looking like this and gave me a lift after looking like a beetroot.
    Right lets get another stag was Colin's next words once all loaded up. On route on my PM stalk we bumped into a few roe and hind's. Off on foot we went stalked. Day light was soon drawing to an end when Colin noticed another stag for me to take, but he soon seen us and not hanging around either, I was to slow allowing him to get away.
    That was it time was up and the day came to a close.

    I had a cracking day and another one to remember with Colin. A six pointer stag and a goat is I'm sure is very good delivering by anyone's expectations.

    Cheers mate for another cracking day stalking and a good laugh throughout.
    This is the goat the following day ready to be butchered at weeman's HQ's Attachment 33442

    No wonder he's had a dodgy ankle and expecting a hernia operation with the effort and dedication he puts in to deliver on the day.

    Cheers mate for a great day and see you soon.

    P.S.... Michelle still reckons you look like G Cloony

    Hope you enjoy the read as I'm off now to watch the reds rut in my local reserve.
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    Great write up sounds like a great day look forward to meeting you guys again


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    Great write up mate , was an excellent day although you had all the luck

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    Cheers Dom, great seeing you again and sharing a whisky etc..
    Yep lady luck was with me on the day.

    Cheers for the driving and the crack, I will asap venture down your region for a stalk.

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    Great day you had there chap, nice write up as.

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    Well done fella , Glad to see you had better results than i did in the 5 days on the reds .
    Is the rut on at Leighton ? We are up next week for the Woodies beer fest hope to catch up with you on the sat ..

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    Very enjoyable day Martin , let me know how the curry is

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    Quote Originally Posted by Solwaystalker View Post
    Very enjoyable day Martin , let me know how the curry is
    Very good indeed, I marinated 1lb of shoulder and 1lb of haunch in yoghurt, garlic, ginger, pimento, cumin, coriander and masala powder for two days and had it last night, Very simular to lamb but a little leaner in texture, the rest will be going down a storm within the next few weeks.
    Really surprised as no smell from the goat from butchering, cooking and tasting. It was well worth the drag.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shudadunityonksago View Post
    Well done fella , Glad to see you had better results than i did in the 5 days on the reds .
    Is the rut on at Leighton ? We are up next week for the Woodies beer fest hope to catch up with you on the sat ..
    Popped in on Monday no sign and quiet, seems right about what may be coming soon to the reserve as you mentioned.
    I'll be there at the ale festival Friday and Saturday, I think a couple of members from here may be coming also.

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    Great write up the scenery is awesome.

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