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    digisight n750

    Hi can anyone help, I have just purchased a new n750 but as of yet very disappointed with it. I have just being out today in daylight I set out two fox size targets the first was 100yds the next was 200yds looking threw the scope I could just see the outline of the first target fired a shot and ok I hit it, the next target at 200yds unable to make it out it certainly was not clear no matter what I adjusted it made no difference to the image is this the norm for these scopes, I would be very gratefull for any sound advice if anyone lives near alnwick and has one of thse that I could look through to compare many thanks

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    You need a Night Master 800IR as they don't give the pixelated view that the Pulsar IR does. Contact Scott Country

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    I would say it's either set up wrong or faulty - I checked the zero on mine today @ 90yds I could easily put the cross on a 5p sized Black dot on cardboard shame you're not nearer Out of interest do you have a doubler fitted ??

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    There is 2 or 3 guys on the night vision forum making and selling some good ir torches

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    Quote Originally Posted by hchris View Post
    There is 2 or 3 guys on the night vision forum making and selling some good ir torches
    +1 and a fraction of the cost have a look at this thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by cmsds View Post
    I have just being out today in daylight...
    Yes, you might have issues and no amount of IR in the DAY is going to make it better. I make sure the sun is behind me as anywhere in the front half will upset the gain control. Were the fox targets high contrast? Like black on white? As in daylight they'll need to be. I just sight mine at 50yards (and check at that range) but also sight in on a standard 200yard round bull. Works for me...

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    Apparently, you should not zero your rifle at 50yards as it can shoot differently further out...not sure I've any supporting data for that theory. 3 shots at 50yards in under 1/4" was good enough with the N750 night scope to deliver just nice later in the evening...
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