I just had a very sad call from one of the keepers I've been helping out. He had a massive shoot to look after - well over 5,000 acres, and he was doing it all on his own. He did a fantastic job, but the poor bloke worked himself into the ground (even though he's still in his twenties) for precious little thanks from the owners. To cut a long story short, he left yesterday.

Since I don't want to fall out with anyone, I'm not going to name any of those involved or mention any of the details, but I would like to put the good man forward if anyone needs a highly-recommended keeper at short notice. He is the most conscientious chap you could hope to have looking after your birds, and all the farmers on the shoot think he's marvellous.

So - if you know of a keeper - perhaps for reasons of poor health, who needs assistance or replacing please PM me and I'll put you in touch. He's open to working anywhere in the country and is available at short notice.