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Thread: Remington 1100 semi auto 12b

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    Remington 1100 semi auto 12b

    Hi I'm after an old Remi 1100 semi in 12b anything considered condition not too bothered but must work well cheers .

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    I took in a 1100 with a std barrel and a magnum barrel at the end of last week .
    drop me a email add and i will get some pics for you .
    price is 450 del


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    Got a 11/87 premier in good nick, 26 inch barrel,3 inch chamber with little use 375.00.

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    I have an 1100 28" multichoke fac it's a factory synthetic stock and forend and it has a matt Finish to the receiver and barrel like the New wingmaster it is well used but never misses a beat I'd like 265 plus rfd I can do photos if you're interested

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    I have an 1100 field wood and it's moderated use it most days on pigeons its a tool really .
    its started playing up the thin strips inside jumping out need staking in and 3rd cartridge it doesn't like it's been great never really missed beat.
    My thoughts were to get another cheapy and swop moderated barrel and forend over thinking keep other as spare .
    that way I've a standard barrel also if need be.

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