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Thread: Antler Transport from Galloway needed !

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    Antler Transport from Galloway needed !

    Shot a stag in Galloway last week, but had to return home before the head could be boiled out. Could anyone give the skull and antlers a lift from there (with Solway Stalker) to somewhere within, say, 50 miles of Hereford, please ?


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    A one-trip service may be a job to arrange

    I'm travelling next week from East Lothian to So. Yorks/Derbyshire

    IF anyone can get the head from Galloway to East Lothian (just off the A1) I can then drop it further south...
    Anyone in Doncaster/Sheffield/Chesterfield area due to head over to Herefordshire anytime soon?

    Failing that, maybe one of the couriers could do it?
    I use ParcelMonkey quite a lot - they charge about 9 for up to 30kg weight

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    I'll be going from Gloucester to Newark return next weekend, if that's any help...

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    Quote Originally Posted by unlacedgecko View Post
    I'll be going from Gloucester to Newark return next weekend, if that's any help...
    Not too far from where I'll be - looks like the A617 goes direct from Chesterfield to Newark - with Mansfield about half way
    May be a possibility

    Need to find a mug, er volunteer, that is heading from Galloway down the A1 & can drop the head off with me

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    I'm going to be on my ground in Galloway from Wednesday to Sunday this week - if Colin can drop the antlers off to me in St Johns Town of Dalry at some point, I can pick deliver them to your door if you want.

    Drop me a PM.


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    Thanks a lot, Adamant, that would be great; - PM sent. Thanks also to saddler and unlacedgecko for trying to work out a solution.

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    Il try get it sorted , we havent had a spare minute to deal with it yet
    (too busy retrieving stags between stalks )
    ​Hopefully get to it over the next couple of days

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    Hi Colin,

    No problem - I'll be up later today and will be in Dalry until Monday. I'll PM you my mobile number. If we don't manage it this time, I'll be back up in a fortnight to shoot a few Roe does with my youngest son.



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