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    schmidt & bender 6x42 (Hungaria) slight ring marks where mounted on .243.
    Glass excellent, have always used a Leupold lens pen to clean & Butler creek covers.
    Comes with original S&B scope cover, butler creek covers & Guarantee card
    which shows.

    6 x 42 O.S. 1" A7
    ZF - Nr. 275250.
    Can't find original box at the moment.

    250=00 which Includies Special delivery Postage.

    Only selling as I have purchased a leupold VX111 6.5-20 x 50.

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    I think you'll regret that change of scope.

    I had a VXII for two years on my rf, before that a Swaro ZFM, now i have a Hawke SR thing - out of the three i wouldn't have a Leup again. Tried it on my .22cf and couldnt get on with it at all - no twilight shooting with the Leup like the Swaro & Hawke.

    I truely believe that if Leup's scope were as good as what they proclaim them to be they'd be up there with Swaro and S&B. The only good thing about Leup is their marketing dept evidently!


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    SOLD subject to confirmation

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