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Thread: Powder .222 and .308

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    Powder .222 and .308

    Hi all
    do you have any suggestions on powder suitable for .222 fifty grain bullet and .308 150 grain bullet?
    I would like to load both with the same powder if possible.

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    Not an ideal combo

    for VV you could go up to N133 which is a bit snappy for 308 (n140 would work there)
    not sure about running a .222 on varget which the 308 would swallow

    ​better getting two

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    you going to struggle mate best to feed it the powder listed

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    I think you'll prob struggle mate . . Try H322 in the .222
    which is well tried and tested and will let the cartridge reach its optimum with
    a 50 grain bullet ... I have known of Varget being used in the deuce but it's far from
    ideal... . I think you might need to bite the bullet and load specify powders to
    each cartridge to get the best from them.

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    I have tried with the 243 and 308 but struggle a bit but vit150 for the 308 works great at 44grn 150 grain bullet

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    If Vihtavuori powders continue to be available, N133, N135, N140 should be OK as already implied. The choice would depend on your needs (what you want from each cartridge and which one is more important).

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    According to the Hogdons 2001 booklet :-

    50gr Hornady SP bullet with 23.8gr of H4895. [compressed.]
    Or 25gr of Varget [comp.]

    150gr Nos.BT bullet with of 45.5gr of H4895.
    Or 47gr of Varget. [comp.]


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    Quote Originally Posted by saddler View Post
    Yup ~Muir

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    I've had the same idea looking for one powder for my .222, .243 and .308. Practically Varget will do it very well in the two larger calibres but muzzle velocity from 25 grains in my 20" barrelled .222 and 50 gr Hornady SP at 2,860 fps is too slow to give sufficient muzzle energy to be small deer legal in the UK. Accuracy with 25 grains of Varget in my .222 is good and I found it just deer legal with the 50 grain GMX and 55 grain SP but IMR 4198 is my chosen powder for this calibre..

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