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Thread: fairweather stalkers

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    fairweather stalkers

    I see all the above are on here , Ive been out with the 22lr in the woods out of the worst of rain

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    Did you get anything?
    You can't say muntjac without saying, Mmmmmm.

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    2 Hours got drenched saw sweet FA

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    Out at first light, don't think I've ever got so wet in my life! Didn't shoot anything either the optics were too wet to see clearly, nice stag showed but you couldn't see him in the scope at all!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Harry mac View Post
    Did you get anything?

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    Out this morning to open the rifle range, saw the weather and felt a little cold so I put on my stalking trousers. I entered the kitchen and my GWP saw the trousers and decided that it was a stalking day and that we were going stalking. He wouldn't stop sniffing my trousers , he could still smell the last deer we shot on the trousers despite them being freshly laundered.
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    Went this evening had a dry spell between very heavy rain managed a munty so a good end to a very damp weekend !

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    out last evening in the sun, and again this morning before first light and braved the occasional drizzle, stayed warm and dry courtesy of IanF's roofed high seat
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    A roofed highseat, how wonderful

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    Fair weather....

    not round here. Dragged mrs Scotch egg out yesterday. No rifle to hand and dogs in tow. As I went into the woods tracking the does I had seen a sorrel in rut goes head to head with the mrs. Thank god the 10 month old
    jack Russell has the gall to show him off.

    The bollocking I got was not pretty considering today is due day for our first born hehehe
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