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Thread: Fallow in Yorkshire

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    Fallow in Yorkshire

    Hi all,

    Can anyone shed some light on the spread of fallow throughout yorkshire, i've been sent a photo this morning of a group of 16 south of York.

    thanks for your input

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    there are a few south of York as you say,

    I have also seen them around Tadcaster, but not many.

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    See next Februarys edition of Sporting Rifle for an estate south of York that has a reasonable head of Fallow on it. My son shot a nice buck there last month

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    I was told there was a good sized herd south of York, until that is the Selby coalfield started and the miners appeared. They were down to just a few left on the well keepered estates but I think numbers are starting to recover now.

    In East Yorkshire I read that the Beverley parks area was a deer park in the middle ages with a herd of thousands. There were occasional sightings of fallow west of that area, on the wolds, up to the sixties. I do not think that any have been seen since. Shame to think they may have survived for many hundreds of years and only died out comparatively recently.

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