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    Ivythorne Sporting

    I will be on a course next week with work for a number of days,anyone know of the above gunshop for a visit.
    I'm thinking of a new rifle in the new year,either the above who deal in Howa, or a custom jobby from Brock and Norriss.
    ​cheers in advance

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    Steve's a top bloke and his gun room is well worth a visit. You'll have to ring and make an appointment though you can't just drop in. If your in the area also pop into Avalon guns in street.

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    Thanks for that,it's either going to be a new rifle,Howa or tika/sako,or I'm considering a custom build from Mike at Brock & Noriss.

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    Well recommended. See my previous posts about Ivythorne.

    Both Steve and Shame are cracking guys and you won't regret an appointment.

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    I bought my rifle from Steve and wouldn't go anywhere else in future. Fantastic service, great stock and a brilliant rifle range (on site) to try it out on. Do at least visit him.

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    Tons of old posts on Ivythorne just have a search some good and some not so...

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    Best advise that! Phone ahead and make a appointment. Steve can be very busy a times. It will quickly become apparent why, once you get there. Take the time to check out the new range hut too! Top job that!!!

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