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Thread: Deer poaching in Co.Wicklow, Ireland.

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    Deer poaching in Co.Wicklow, Ireland.

    Interesting !
    Key onto GOOGLE ,` The Wicklow People, deer poaching`.


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    A couple of years ago, if you drove the Old Military Road at night from Laragh up to the Sally Gap crossroads in the Wicklow Mountains, looking down onto the Sally Gap road towards Luggala or back into the National Park was like looking at the Blackpool illuminations due to the number of red and white flashlights being shone from old transit vans...the deer gets dragged near to the road, the spot gets marked with a GPS and matey in the van behind (minus any guns) picks the carcasses up later for gralloching and off to the game dealer.

    But I've said it before, if the Gardai and the Wildlife Wardens want to stop the poaching, they should target the game dealers - these guys know perfectly well who the poachers are but continue to buy carcasses from them becaue demand for venison is so high. If they introduced better carcass traceability and accountability, it would make it much more difficult for the guys with off-ticket rifles and no demonstrable land to stalk on, aswell as more difficult for the dealers to turn a perpetual blind eye.

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    As with all stuff printed in papers the pictures truth and facts are mixed up the pictures were taken 2 years ago and the facts are patchy its good that there highlighting whats going on but the could have worded it better and more up to date details

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