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Thread: Hytera Walkie talkies?

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    Hytera Walkie talkies?

    I'm after a new set of pmr446 radios for use on shoot days - don't want to spend big bucks, and have seen a set of "Hytera" for sale on costco's website.

    Anybody any experience/opinions?

    ....and I defo don't want a set of binatones....had them before....pile of sh!te.....ended up as inert playthings for the kids at my wife's preschool group after every single one of four packed up.....


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    Not sure these are the type your looking for but our syndicate shoot is very hilly and we have no problems using a combination of these

    Doro Radio 2-Way Twinpack with Charger 8 Channel 38 Subcodes 1Hr Talk:Amazon:Electronics

    ​And these

    Doro WT91X/PRO Extended Range 2-Way Radio:Amazon:TV & Home Cinema

    the WT87 are small and very good but if I was starting from scratch I would get the WT91X as they are fully waterproof and still small enough not to get in the way when your shooting. Although 1 hour talk time is mentioned I think it must be constant transmission/talk as for a normal shoot day they last fine.

    Hope this Helps

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    Tried all pmr radios even motorala ones and they were
    all pants. Have a set of 6uhf 5 watt radios and they reach 15mile no probs. no miss communication and think they were 300 quid off flea bay reconded with new batteries and mics

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