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Thread: Red Stags on Glenuig, part of Glencarron Estate, Rosshire

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    Red Stags on Glenuig, part of Glencarron Estate, Rosshire

    A few pics from last week on Glenuig. The first half of the week was rotten weather, we had two days without a beast. Then the back end of the week brightened right up, for some of the best highland weather I've experienced.

    I'm not particularly bothered about collecting massive trophies, rather more enjoying the stalk. We agreed with Stalker Stuart White to try mostly to cull some of the poorer heads on the Estate and remove a bit of rubbish from the gene pool.

    First photo is a lopsided eight pointer - three on one antler, five on the other. 80kg.

    Second photo is a big switch head. Low in terms of points, but I actually rather like this head. 89kg on the hook.

    Third photo is of my friend, Ben, with a young stag having only a single antler. The other wasn't broken off, it just never grew. About 70kg I think.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    well done lads

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    I agree Phillc .. There is something about the big switch that I like as well ..We found
    a big cast switch antler just like that on our ground last year ...wish I could have
    have caught up with him whilst it was still attached to his napper.

    Looks like you guys had fun.

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    Well done, nice beasts to take out!



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