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Thread: wildfowling in north fabridge ,Essex

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    wildfowling in north fabridge ,Essex

    just a bit on the day i had with crouch valley Dan sd member

    Dan sorry for putting you in the spotlight

    So he has the wildfowl shooting rights in Essex on part of the river crouch.North Fambridge side. within the North Fambridge Yacht Club so gated access only.

    i arrived at 5:15am the other day and meet the other guns tim.243 also came along. Dan then gave out his what he expected to be on the marsh and what not to shoot for any guns that have not shot wet birds before so job done ,we were led out across the marsh and given our hides and settled down to the waiting game lots of duck, teal, Wigeon, grey geese calls and time to practice my returning calls
    well the seagulls liked it,lol.
    two shoots fired then the marsh woke up kin'el, it lit up fast soon it was all go greys came in first the mallard duck n' golden plovs all manner of opportunities to fill the bag some had it off while others were not so lucky being new to the wild fowling game and not being able to tell the hight and speed in the semi dawn light.
    The weather should have been rain with 30,mph wind as it turn out Essex decided not to play the rules as set down by the bbc weather man !! the wind drop'd and the sun came out, so the birds gain all the hight .by then i had filled my boots with what i wished to shoot and done the walk back to the yacht club cafe' and a very nice slap up full English and tea was the order of the day.
    So a big thank you to Dan and his helper for a brill outing on the marsh

    now it comes down to this, Dan advertises this on Guns on Pegs so there is a fee and you will need to contact him to find out the cost, worth it you bet it is, this is some of our best wetland on the Crouch is well sort after by KWC Wildfowlers. infact i am a member and so were two others, so it tells you that with all the shooting KWC has we still wished to come here to shoot wildfowl !!! I know KWC have try'd to gain this marsh and offered to pay buckets for it. No its Dan's so if you wish to have a go and also watch a red deer farm just over the other side of the marsh fill your boots pm him .nothing is given that the birds will come flooding in but as high tide came so did the birds for us.

    ps this is not a sale add but if the boss's think it is sorry its not ment to be and ajust/remove .

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    Have n't wildfowled in Essex, and for the last two seasons have hardly been out on the estuary I have a permit for up here. Went out on Saturday evening. Went right out on the sands and just lay, watching the tide come, the waders fltting about, eiders duck just pottering with the sound of geese on the wind. I had a flock of brent geese land 30 yds away, and then hairs went up on the back of my neck with a big skein of gees coming up the river, they swung over me and came well within shot range - definatley pinks amongst them, but also a lot of barnacles, so just stayed very still, said bang under breath and then had the sight of them paddling the air and landing close by. Quietly snuck away leaving them to their evening and arrived at friends for dinner over an hour late but very chilled.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paul o' View Post
    I know KWC have try'd to gain this marsh and offered to pay buckets for it. No its Dan's.
    Watch out, 'cause the Big Bad Jarrett's comming to gobble your marsh up...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pine Marten View Post
    Watch out, 'cause the Big Bad Jarrett's comming to gobble your marsh up...
    ​Not far wrong LOL

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    Thanks Paul I'm glad you had a good flight. Cheers for the breakfast you and Tim were good company.


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    Quote Originally Posted by BRYAN View Post
    Chairman of the KWCA, BASC Council member and evangelist for buying land to make sure it stays available for shooting, as a result of which the KWCA has over 2000 acres of freehold land. There are some within wildfowling circles who really resent him for unashamedly buying up any decent wildfowling land using the KWCA's land portfolio to wield financial muscle. The thing is that it may be "muscular" by wildfowling club standards, but not when compared to the RSPB and NT for example, who are the competition. Anyway, that's 2000 acres that no-one will build a shopping centre on.

    Personally I think that we should all be doing what Big Bad Jarrett does. Besides, he's a very helpful gent without whom I would probably still never have shot a duck.

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    he can't be that bad rivers west named a suit after him hes a nice guy and knows what he won'ts to leave behind him and thats a wildfowling club with land that no bugger can turn us off !!! if you have marsh or any land to sell/let that can be shot he's you golden egg, from kent to essex- cambridge to norfolk !!we have shoots. the EJC fowlers hate us but if you wish to join a club thats going forward then !! may be they should move with the times and remove the walls of membership . if all the wildfowl clubs got in one club then wow what a force it would have and buying power to keep the foreshore for shooters not bird watchers you can't eat a photo
    still dans is the best i'v found in essex without walking 2miles to get to the marsh . clean posh loo's and a cafe' ! no brainer. i shall be booking some soon
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    Quote Originally Posted by paul o' View Post
    he can't be that bad rivers west named a suit after him
    I actually bought the Jarrett jacket from John Forsey's a couple of seasons ago, and very good it is too. Although admittedly Alan makes an unlikely model in the catalogue. Ah, he also showed me a spot where you didn't have to walk for an hour up to your knees in heavy Kentish mud to reach the foreshore. I'm not telling you where it is though, it's mine.

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    bugger iam not telling you about the parking at grt wakering then or the best spot on potton ,i also have the jarret suit feller thin but very warm and dry did you try the water power hose trick !! i did and it kept me dry just comes with 12 foot legs lol
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