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Thread: Optics Guarantees?

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    Optics Guarantees?

    I have various optics by Leica, Schmidt & Bender and Swarovski all of which I have bought second hand. I only have paperwork for one scope which is a Hungarian S&B with a 30 year guarantee. Thankfully they are all serviceable at present. I'm wondering where I stand when it comes to repairs or servicing if I am not the original purchaser or have no paperwork at all?
    Anyone have any experience with the aftersales of any of these companies in such circumstances?

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    i may be wrong but i think that the warranty is a legal contract with the initial purchaser and is not transferable to another owner or thats what it says in my small print on my items
    BUT If he never sent in the warranty card,..then YOU are the original owner

    All the best ash

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    mick ,

    i think you will find all you need to do is all leica and swars tell the the serial numbers on the optics and they will send you out a new warranty card to fill out . i can help you out with leica 's contact number but not the other !

    cheers lee

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    swaro will accept it within the warranty date and I have never had to have the warrenty card.

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    Monkey Spanner,

    I bought a couple of years back a german S&B 6x42 (old type with plastic gloss finish and old logo) the up/down turret failed after a week or so and was stuck down at its furthest point.

    I took it to one of the RFD's near me and they sent it back to S&B and the whole optic was overhauled, i.e. the turret was replaced, it was stripped and cleaned, glass polished and it was put back together and re-gassed.

    This cost me only the carrage which was 85 recorded insured delivery. Well worth it as it cost me 150 (as they knew it was damaged) and i later sold it for 300 to fund a Hung S&B 8x56.

    I've heard that Ziess are absolutely rubbish with regards to aftersales service as one of my mates (RFD) used to be a stocklist and fell out with them over their poor performance. Leica are supposed to be as good as S&B. Swaro i've yet to deal with, but the odds and sods that i do hear (having recently bought a large mag TDS ret scope) is that they are as good as S&B.

    I think it was on here where i read someone telling a newbie that S&B only make rifle scopes for a dam reason!


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    My old Swarovski binoculars started giving me double vision, I'd had them for 16 years and had absolutely no paperwork for them, but I took them to the local gunshop (Swaro dealer) who sent them back, I got a brand new pair free of charge only having to cover the postage (which was a tenner). They have a lifetime gurantee, and they honour it.

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    Wow that is good - if you think of what your old ones would have cost and the rate of inflation (16 years of depriciation too) that was really good of Swaro -

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    Absolutely! I'd expected them to come back repaired, but was somewhat surprised when I opened the box!
    I did this through PD Malloch gunshop in Perth, outstanding service from them and Swarovski.

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    Blimey! that's reassuring! Hopefully they will never go wrong but it is nice to know they look after their customers. I started with so many cheap binos which all failed in some way or another. Buy cheap - buy twice or even more!
    Just goes to show why it's worth getting a decent pair of the well known brands as they will literally last a lifetime with repairs if required.

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    Hi mate

    I bought a s/h doctor optic which played up, sort of black dots inside. It cost me 30 quid to send it back. Got it back all sorted with no further charge.

    Needless to say I was very pleased.


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