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Thread: Source of heat for boiling.....

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    Source of heat for boiling.....

    I have recently moved and although my wife (being very understanding about these things) has allowed me in the past to boil skulls for trophy prep in the kitchen, the hob in our new house is induction. Therefore it doesn't work with the stock-pot that i use for trophy prep usually .

    so what's the best (cheapest option)? I could buy an induction converter plate and use the pan I usually use but I hear that these aren't very good. I could buy a burco boiler and do it in the workshop, but these boilers aren't that cheap even second hand. I could by a camping gas stove or an electric ring but again I want to spend as little as possible.

    what do you think?

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    I have a gas ring in the garage with an assortment of pot sizes for varying deer sizes, currently brewing up a red stag shot over the weekend, you can get varying output KW burners from about 2.5 -7.5, I think I'm about to buy a larger output one as I struggle to maintain a boil under a large pot big enough for reds, found one the other day for 25 from an online gas shop, would never want "that smell" in the house personally!

    Large Square Gas Boiling Ring
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    I used a blow lamp on a hose to propane bottle clamped in two pairs of mole grips.

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    I use my gas BBQ, remove the heat coals and place the pan over the burner. I also bought a small portable gas stove from a local outdoors store for about 15, so when the weathers bad I can go in the garage. Both methods mean you can still use your stock-pot.
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    Suppose it depends what species you are boiling out but for Roe, I just use an old camping stove and a stainless broth pot as 243stalker mentioned above, couldn't be simpler really

    For Reds, a friend has made a really simple pot stand which my wee camp stove sits under for using a larger pot, it struggles to stabilise the big pot and is a bit safer. It takes a bit longer to boil using the same stove but its not a hassle in the garage,* the pressure washer usually sorts out.

    I'm sure a stove can be picked up for not much money and you can use the pots you have already.

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    where can I get a big enough stainless steel pot to boil heads up to and including fallow ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by stokerbob View Post
    where can I get a big enough stainless steel pot to boil heads up to and including fallow ?
    chinese supermarket/cash and carry
    ​very cheap

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    Quote Originally Posted by bewsher500 View Post
    chinese supermarket/cash and carry
    ​very cheap
    Velly cheap?

    I use an old jam pot, look in charity shops, and a 10 camping stove, the ones in a suitcase. a 1 bottle of gas is just about right to boil a head.

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    I have a good selection of pots, all from boot fairs for pennies.
    Unless you are boiling several heads at once, round pots are very inefficient. For single roe or muntjac a loaf tin is ideal.

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    When I stalked with Malc this past summer we boiled my roe head out on an old coffee maker. Those large (perhaps 2 gallon - maybe 8-10 L) types that have a percolation basket. He just pulled the basket out, and filled with water. Anywhere you had an outlet you could plug in and start boiling.

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