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    Ooh arr

    Wiltshire Lad here. My name is Paul and I live in North Wiltshire. Last year I bought some land next to my house, mostly to protect from development but also as a place for me and my family to play. It is a mixture of pasture and woodland. I have held a SGC for twenty years, and used to hold an FAC for an air rifle, but let that lapse. Last year I reapplied for my FAC to get a rimfire to control rabbits and other vermin on my land.

    Last winter I planted a new orchard and several hundred broad leaf saplings. Whilst restoring some coppice I saw quite a few roe as well as a few muntjac. I also saw the occasional fox. So I decided to apply for a variation for a 243 so I could shoot the foxes and control the deer who were enjoying the young shoots of my planting!

    I have have been lurking here for or month or two, but I now have my rifle, a Tikka t3 stainless with synthetic stock, which is giving me lovely tight groups at 100 yards. My licence has been conditioned on either stalking with a mentor or to get a qualification before stalking alone. Obviously not a gun safety issue, as I can shoot fox unaccompanied! I have a friend who stalks, he has loaned me a few Richard Prior books that I have been reading. I am still thinking I will do my DSC1, as it is probably the easiest route to removing the condition, and I'm sure I'll learn something useful.


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    Welcome to the site. If your interested do your DSC1, its well worth it, especially if you do the course rather than just swot on line for the exam.

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    Welcome to the site..........I would recommend doing DSC1 and DSC2 but I would also join BASC and speak to there FAC department for advise on getting those conditions lifted as they are unnecessary...........

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    Already a member of BASC, and have been for some time. I had thought about a call to their legal department but I was a bit worried about alienating my FEO. If I'm going to do my DSC1 anyway then why rock the boat?

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    your either way,if you can wait then happy days....welcome to SD anyway

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    Welcome. Once you have got your DSC1 I would be interested to see how you get on with these deer!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wiltshire Lad View Post

    thinking I will do my DSC1, as it is probably the easiest route to removing the condition, and I'm sure I'll learn something useful.

    Hello Paul,
    That's the reason I did my DSC1 too. I did the course with Jelen and can recommend it as very enjoyable and yes, you do learn a huge amount.


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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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