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Thread: It started with a sorrel and finished with a royal! 3 species, 3 months, 3 countries!

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    It started with a sorrel and finished with a royal! 3 species, 3 months, 3 countries!

    I decided this year I would embark on my DSC2, the aim of which was to get it as and when I could get witnesses out on my fallow ground. One attempt in April didn't produce a fallow due to appalling conditions on the day. August came and I got out with my witness and a fantastic stalk right on last light ensued to produce a sorrel to kick off my DSC2, in Wales! A week later and am invite down in the south of England for a roe buck produced a 7 point roe buck and a second write up! It all came together when an unexpected invite suddenly came up to go to Scotland just last week for the red rut and two days stalking. The first mornings stalk was driving rain, wind and snow, but yet a lovely stalk into a group of hinds and a good looking stag produced an unexpected royal!

    I had really thought get a fallow in early in the season, maybe another in the latter stages of the season and finish it the following year, but sometimes things go a bit better!

    What a three months, 3 species, 3 countries, 3 witnesses, 3 months (from the first successful stalk). What has it taught me? I am not starting a debate, but it is not a taught qualification (and I am yet to obviously have had the phonecall from the verifier so don't have it yet) and I am no better a stalker than before, although maybe I carry a bit more kit, but stalking being as solitary as it is I wanted to see (and maybe show others???) that I am at an industry standard that we as stalkers can be proud of. DSC1 is a fantastic course but as many have said you do not need to have shot a deer to actually get it nor even see a gralloch. Another side of me just thought this year I have the opportunity to do it when I am not in a rush to get it, have a fair few deer to go on. Who knows, but I have enjoyed that journey of doing what I do and have someone agree I am doing things well!

    A note for others about to embark on DSC2 for me this took 4 stalks on my fallow, 2 on the roe one evening and one morning) and 1 on the red. I am lucky no witnesses charged for their time only one or two stalks I needed to pay fuel for. Make sure you find out a witnesses charges before agreeing to them coming on your ground. Better to have more than one witness for the 3 stalks, and more than anything just relax ad do what you do. I have felt more than ready for some time, but if you feel you are not ready, don't drag a witness out as you only waste yours and his time and it would be frustrating to shoot a deer to then fail parts of it. Go and get some help with certain elements from someone else.

    Thank you to all my witnesses for your time!

    Pictures always help keep my interest so here are a few!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    That is a very nice write up with a balanced view,I totally agree with getting help and advice along with feeling ready to be witnessed,cracking pic's and well done.


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    Well done fella good post. Just finished mine in 3 different counties 3 AW s and 2 species and glad I did .
    Atb steve

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    Well done. Thanks for keeping me up to date along the way. Glad my advice was helpful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tackleberry270 View Post
    Well done. Thanks for keeping me up to date along the way. Glad my advice was helpful.
    Comes back to what I was saying about being a solitary sport and its when you are about to put yourself in a position where you are going to be scrutinised by others that you start to doubt yourself! The best bit of your advice was 'you know the answer' just do as you naturally would.

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