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Thread: Giving up fly fishing

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    Giving up fly fishing

    Ok, a year ago I decided after not trout fishing for nearly 15 years I had to try it again.
    I borrowed some gear to have a try, gear was far to light, 4 weight rods and big waters don't mix, but still had a great time.
    Enthusiasm running on high I waited till spring and off to the tackle shops I went, bought a few bits and ordered more on line.
    Then 2 lots of surgery to both elbows put a tempory stop to things, a month and a bit later I tried a practise cast with my new
    rod and a borrowed reel and line showed very quickly I would not be fishing yet
    So now 6 months post surgery I went out on the local res, Hanningfield with a mate, used his gear as I had not finished setting mine up.
    So the bad news is it isn't going to happen again for me, just isn't worth the pain or long term damage.

    So all I bought is for sale, I don't want to mess about with splitting it all up and e-baying it, so here it is.
    Rod is a Wychwood Extremis 10' 7 weight, 3 piece and in a hard tube, has a Fuji reel seat not the original as it would not fit the reels I bought.
    Daiwa Lochmor 7/8 weight, 2 of them, both have new backing and Cortland lines, one sinking and one floating, still have 1 box and all the
    paperwork and left/right wind tools.
    More new lines, not opened, Cortland, a faster sinking weight forward 7, a Snowbee XS w forward floating 5 weight, Scientific Anglers medium sink 5 weight.
    Five spools of new fly line backing, a spool of hook length material, a selection of tapered leaders, packets of end loops standard and floating.
    6 spool bands (2 on the reels) a new fly box with assorted new flies, a bag as bought containing a mix of flies lures, around 50 of them, and couple of used
    extending scissor holder things.
    Just totalling up the major bits it comes to well over 250 + all the minor bits which is probably another 100.

    I don't want to mess about, I'm not happy to have to sell it all, but it's not going to do me any good, and having it sitting here is winding me up.

    150 posted and it's yours


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    I'd send Buchan a pm if I were you...he may be interested in this lot for his kid
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    Quote Originally Posted by limulus View Post
    I'd send Buchan a pm if I were you...he may be interested in this lot for his kid


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    On hold and waiting for funds and collection, will update later.


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    Well worth the money Hornet,I gave up fly fishing quite a few years ago.miss it like hell.if i had more time on my hands i would of taken your hand off mate.
    Good luck with your sale.

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    Sold to a local angler, not via this forum.
    But thanks for looking anyway.


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