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Thread: Stalking/shooting intro

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    Stalking/shooting intro

    Hi all,

    I was hoping to get my first stalking experience last season but the trip was cancelled (with good notice) by the stalker and I didn't get round to re-booking.

    I was looking for an intro into stalking even if I don't shoot on the day. Additionally I'm enthusiastic about wildfowling and wanted to know if anyone could point me along here for a first time 'try out session' if poss. I don't know weather to buy a new gun and join a WF club or pursue stalking (realistically I could do both in time)

    I'm fit and responsible, hold a shotgun cert and own a 12b.
    I live in west London and don't mind travelling a couple of hours and naturally will pay my way.

    Any help is massively appreciated,


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    sent you a pm dan

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    Kent Wildfowlers is your nearest club

    Send them an email, also, try Langstone WA

    I know that when you try it you'll love it.
    And you won't be the only wildfowler in London, out of interest which part
    Hammersmith, Chiswick?


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    Are you a member of BASC? if so you can use their permit scheme:

    If you only wish to go 'fowling a few times a year it may be easier and cheaper to get days through this.


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    PM me if you are still interested

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