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Thread: Torch for tracking

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    Torch for tracking

    I am looking for a torch that will be used for tracking wounded deer. However, it is quite difficult to find what I want in the UK... I do not want anything big or a lamp for foxing etc.

    It should be quite small but powerful, ideally with built-in charger as the one on the photo.


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    Beware anything with LED's for light source, in my experience they are useless at showing blood.
    If it's wounded and in the dark, it's not a torch you want, it's something with 4 legs and a wet nose

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    Check out the latest issue of the Bushwear catalogue that came with the latest BASC freebie mag or go on line. they have a blood trail lamp as well as the tablets you mix with water and spray to make the trail glow/shine in the torch light.


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    in my opinion you can't beat a good head torch, shines where you look and both hands free. I've tried torches and lamps but now i use a head light for everything from walking the dog to searching for ducks when flighting.

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    Get a GWP, no need to recharge


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    Quote Originally Posted by Max
    Get a GWP, no need to recharge

    They do work better when fueled with heads and feet!

    If you want a good little torch try either surefire or Wolf eyes, they are both excellent, I have the wolf eyes and I can't fault it.

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    Silva 480 lamp plus good dog and a Fenix TK10 as back up.

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    Try a rubber armoured cordless rechargeable inspection light, such as the type a vehicle mechanic would use.


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