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Thread: Novice in Devon.

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    Novice in Devon.

    I've been a member here for a while but I am at a loose end trying to find available (affordable ) stalking for a new shot in Devon.

    Does anyone have any links contacts that could help someone trying to get their foot in the door.

    Many thanks and best regards.


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    You could not do better than visiting Ian & Jo, right in your ball park/area, so travel would fit in ? I take it you are meaning outings & not land!

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    Outings yes, I don't mind paying I just want to know what it will cost me and I just want someone on recommendation rather than just punting for a web site.

    I have spotted Ian's posts but cant work out how to get in contact.

    Why does this forum have no profiles/private messaging functions, or have I broken it?


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    If you mouse click on the PM box down at the bottom you can send a private message to whoever is on the post

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    Where abouts in devon are you ?

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    About 15 miles East of Plymouth on the coast, but can travel within reason.

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