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Thread: New trigger?

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    New trigger?

    Reading a few posts on triggers i am undecisive as to whether i should replace the trigger on the 6.5x55 howa or just tweak the (currently fitted) standard one.
    I dont dislike the current trigger, nor have i had any issues or accuracy problems with it.....but if an improvement can be made....why not.
    I will probably wait a few weeks anyway as i have my dsc next week so best to stick with what im used to

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    My Howa had a Timney fitted and it's spot on compared to the factory one.

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    Howa triggers can like any other improve with use, as the mating surfaces wear together. This is the best method, let the parts settle together. Stoning, polishing etc bypass this "running in" but don't necessarily result in a perfect fit.

    You can help this process along by e.g. dry firing lots, or accelerate it by pushing firmly on the back of the bolt/cocking piece as you dry fire to increase pressure on the relevant surfaces.

    This is the method used by one well known "semi custom" gunsmith to perform his trigger jobs.

    A dab of e.g. Solvol polish on the sears will also help, but flush it out afterwards. Ditto on the bolt lugs. I use a runny liquid cleaner for stainless steel pans which is messier but gives a superb polish.

    After a few hundred releases, clean everything up, flush out, oil lightly then if still not satisfactory, maybe fiddle with the adjustment screws. But that's a more advanced discussion.

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