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Thread: Swarovski 6 x 42 Habicht

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    Swarovski 6 x 42 Habicht

    I've just treated myself to a Sako Hunter Quad in 22LR and was considering this scope.

    Any thoughts, opinions, experiences welcome.

    would also welcome the same on mounts/rings

    Thanks in advance


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    I used one on a PH 22-250 for a number of years with absolutely no issues.

    When I sold it the buyer made me an offer I could not refuse to include the scope after he tried it on the range.
    "Nonsense! They couldn't hit an elephant at this dista.....................".

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    Had one on my 243 for 20+ years no prob's what so ever

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    I have one on my Finnfire. Great scope much better than a zoom of the same price 250.
    I take 22lr should be .22RF ?

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    Exactly the same as the above -just point and shoot

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    Very sensible to go for a fixed power scope - and 6x42 is as sensible as it gets. Most people are 'over-scoped' and for deer stalking just leave it on x4 or x6 almost all the time, therefore having spent a lot of money on a capability they rarely or never need.
    You may be interested in this article and also in this one.
    I myself use a Sightron Series 11 6x42 fixed power on two of my rifles and do not see a need for anything more fancy - and you can't go wrong with a Habicht!
    • Do not be seduced by the marketing-men....

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    Good choice. Even an old Habicht Nova. Only consideration might be the width of the crosshairs.

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    Have a 6x42 on my ..22lr as apposed to a .22 rf which could be a .22 short

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    You can not go wrong with what are top notch optics. Buy it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taff View Post
    Have a 6x42 on my ..22lr as apposed to a .22 rf which could be a .22 short
    And on you ticket it says ? .22RF

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