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Thread: The End?

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    The End?

    NOW what am I gonna do?, I have the perfick load in .270 Win using more than one brand/type of powder etc, Same Oh' Same Oh' in 7mmWSM, Ditto in .223 Rem, Mrs Finnbear has my old Remmy PSS .223 (my old foxing rig) I have several powder/bullet combo's for that, Her Throw & Wait (.308) holds no new territories to explore The Smellie's gone as well now, all the new & once fired brass is primed (lots) Bettter hope a bit more work comes in soon! Maybe I should start muckin'n about with Mono's???

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    Many years ago I hit a brick wall when it came to shooting. I'd shot BR & Silhouette competition And I'd run out of things to do. I was bored and all my rifles, like you, had wonderful loads awaiting.

    With some encouragment from an old geezer who lived out in the country, I started loading cast bullets. Suddenly, all the rules changes and I had something to learn and experiment with again. You've got a 308? Thirty caliber molds are inexpensive and equipment is minimal. You might want to try it. It's been keeping me happy for a couple and a half decades.~Muir

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    AAARRGH!, nooo!, not again!, Muir you're a bad bad man!

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    I've been contemplating casting 30cal bullets for my 7.5x55, however how do you stop the bullet from leaving excess lead in the rifling - especially at modern service rifle velocities?

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    FinnB: Yes I am. Not to mention th efact that you can load lead bullets for pennies. If sight alignment and trigger control are the heart of accurate shooting, then cheap (hey! Recycleable!) bullets should allow one to practice more.

    Scotgun: Well, you can and you can't. It's a bit too involved to put here (tho I can post a link to an article about it) but velocity isn't what causes leading with a properly fit bullet. It's chamber pressure. Yeah, doesn't sound logical but it is. If you heat-treat bullets you can load them to about 42K with little fear of leading. As it happens, I shoot cast bullets from my Swiss 96/11, 1911, and K-31's and it's great. I shoot target so I'm not too interested in "Service Rifle" velocities as I generally shoot off hand at 100 and 200M. Lead and the 7.5x55 are well met. I shoot 190 grain lead bullets at about 1800 fps for target shooting. Deadly accurate and inexpensive.~Muir

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    OK!,OK!, I'm listening, do you use just plain old lead from any scraps such as wheel weights or roofing lead, or do you need to jig around with a mix like antimony etc?.

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    Wheel Weights will do just fine, then heat treat them, (put them in an oven for about 45 mins and then quench them quickly in cold water). This casting mularkey is another fine mess my cripple cuz Muir got me into.


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    Wonder if I could get a Brown Bess up to legal limits for deer?

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    Hi Muir,

    I'd be interested in that link you spoke about re leading and chamber pressure.



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    Here is that link for all who are interested, Bob especially.

    Finn: Ignore my jaw flapping cousin JAYB. He's just mad because he only get's MOA from is 243 and 3/4 MOA from his 22 Hornet with cast bullets.

    He is right though. Wheel weights works great. Wheel weight with a bit of chilled lead shot (shotgun reloading) is best because of the increase in antimony content added by the shot. If no shot available, printers type is good. If neither is available: plain old wheelweights.

    Equipment is a simple (cheap) or as complicated (expensive) as you want to make it. I have several bullet sizers and about 100 molds in all differnet calibers from 5mm to .720". I load a lot of obsolete calibers so lead saves me quite a bit of money.

    For you and Scotsgun, 308 and 7.5 Swiss respectively, the process is as easy as it gets. These are two very easy calibers to reload for and accuracy with a well fit bullet is almost guaranteed. My .308 will shoot 3/4MOA with some well developed hunting loads. In days of better eyesight, my Swiss would chew the center from a 100 yard Small Bore target at 100M.

    Go ahead and read the article if you wish. It was written to dispell the idea that 2000 fps was the maximum for cast bullets. When I get the chance, I'll link to the (US) Cast Bullet Association. I've been a member for 25 years or so, and these guys are the cutting edge in cast bullet shooting. ~Muir

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