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Thread: Two teenage girls killed after car hits deer

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    Two teenage girls killed after car hits deer

    "Two teenage girls were killed when their car hit a deer during the morning rush hour.

    The girls, aged 17 and 18, died at the scene after their Citroen C1 struck the wild animal and then collided with a Volvo V40 before bursting into flames.

    The A10 near Ware in Hertfordshire was closed so police could investigate what happened in the fatal accident, which took place at about 7.45am this morning.

    The driver of the Volvo was taken to hospital with leg injuries.

    Motoring and wildlife groups have repeatedly warned road users of the dangers that can be posed by deer straying on to busy roads.

    More than 450 people are injured and several killed every year in the UK as a result of accidents involving deer. Road collisions are also estimated to cost the lives of 74,000 of the animals.

    Six main species of deer live wild in Britain, with an estimated combined population of more than 1.5 million."

    My heart goes out to their nearest & dearest

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    reading elsewhere, it sounds like they hit the deer, then stopped when the Volvo hit them.

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    Horrific doesnt even begin to describe what their families must be going through...

    Chap I was with a few days ago is currently in induced coma... life can be very fragile
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    Yeah very sad in the small print it also said there was a biker killed by a pheasant aswell yesterday

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    Really sad news, a tragedy.

    Just had a call to say that this is an item on the Jeremy Vine show today, Radio 2, from midday. Family must be very brave.

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    Very tragic and as said it does bring home how fragile life can be I recently had a serious motoring accident myself and I must say it brought home how fragile it is . My thoughts go out to these poor girls and thier families
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    Deer on the road is a topic on jeremy vine right now.

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    Got to say listening to Jeremy Vine brought a lump to my throat...

    The thought of what that poor man must have gone through as he battled in vain to release these poor girls from their burning vehicle is beyond comprehension... The man is being treated for burns as a result of his attempt to save them..

    Absolutely horrific
    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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