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    F word

    Who saw gordon ramsey so called shoot that roe buck on the f word the other night ! Iam convinced he didnt and if he did the stalker finished it off !! not good telly but the thought of halal venison is an intresting one .

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    i watched it tom,i also had my doubts

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    hi mate. Just to let you know that was me and my stalking mentor Jim on the Fword on tuesday. Gordon did take the shot, it was a bit low but he followed up with a second shot. He kept his cool very well and dispatched the buck quickly. Very good for a novice stalking. All the best. Mo

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    At least you didn't have an excitable mentor in frame in front of a wire fence exhorting you to load the rifle , like another tv chef

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    well done gordon ! after the last time in thetford ! fair play to you all and good to see venison being used on prime time telly ,i take it all back ! all the best Tom

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    i thought he bottled it, ,or maybe that was last season, anyway hugh fearnly got straight in there with that very sexy female stalker from dorset,well done hugh

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    well done mo,at least we know he did shoot the know what tv is like you never know what they can do with the never know we might just get him on here as a member? we should get plenty of postings on the recipe section.

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