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Thread: Parker Hale Mars: What is it?

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    Parker Hale Mars: What is it?

    This is a question I've been ask by someone who is being offered one to buy. Anyone know why a Parker-Hale be marked Mars on ( I believe it is) the barrel? The only Mars I know is a pistol, which is very rare.
    ​Cheers, John

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    As you say, the only name that springs to mind is the Mars Automatic Pistol Syndicate Ltd. It could be some form of collaboration as they were all clustered in the same part of Birmingham and Mars didn't disappear till 1907?. Do you think your mate could get some photo's of the gun to you for posting?

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    Thanks Orvil, will give it a try and post pics as and when.

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    I just saw one up for auction; lot 448 in the next herman historica sale (sorry, I dont know how to post a link when using my kindle) . It looks like a sporter built on a Mauser 98 action. I don't know if the rifle was built by PH, or just imported by them.
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    Cannot get the page with the actual listing on to open. I have no information on these and was hoping to learn something.

    ​P-H did a Hussar model which was a Brno built for them.

    Ahh it finally opened. The iron sight is the earlier P-H blocked base type so often found on the Safari models. Stock wise it seems to be a deluxe or Super Safari style without fore tip just a black grip cap. With Mauser bolt tail safety retained. Double sett triggers which were a P-H option on the Safari.

    I wonder if Mars was a retail outlet like Kettner? and had the barrel marked to them?

    Hopefully someone will know more.
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    Well that transaction did not go through, though I recently found something interesting on Mars, the company or brand. Apparently Mars was a brand use by Quelle, which was a large Littlewoods type catalogue retailer in Germany. They retailed guns under the "Mars" brand as seen here: http://www.gebrauchtwaffen-spezialis...%5D%5Bnew%5D=0
    Whether they would have sold PH under that name I don't know, but will keep looking.

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