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Thread: Bead/Media blasting service

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    Bead/Media blasting service

    If it will fit in my blast cabinet it can be cleaned/finished very easily.

    Please feel free to ping an enquiry at me, depending on what the item is it can usually be stripped/masked then blasted whilst you wait, I would just need to book you in. I am also an RFD so things can be sent after booking in etc?

    Coatings and curing oven on, watch this space!

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    What coatings can you do? Cerakote? Duracoat? Realtree dips?

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    and where in North Yorkshire?

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    would be good to see some pics of your work

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    Where are you based

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    ERR ! ! bead blasting and ? cost n' pix of your work feller

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    Rusty average size 5 gun cabinet? Respray in grey?

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    do you do barrel bead blasting,if so how much please

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monkey Spanker View Post
    What coatings can you do? Cerakote? Duracoat? Realtree dips?
    Thanks for the enquiry, my post should have said 'on way', i.e. I have coatings earmarked that will be sent as soon as my curing oven is installed. I looked at KG coatings and probably all the rest, I have found one of the best spray on oven cure coatings available that are used in another industry, once I have some items finished I will post pictures etc


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    Quote Originally Posted by bobt View Post
    and where in North Yorkshire?
    Few miles from Easingwold


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