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    New Trade mamber

    Hello All,

    I would like to introduce myself as a new trade member on SD, I have worked in the gun industry for several years and am now working for myself providing a range of services to the shooting public (and more?) from supplying a cleaning brush all the way up to a full custom rifle build. Yes I am relatively new to building rifles and am completely self taught, but I don't think that is a unique trait amongst 'gunsmiths' who are producing some fantastic builds for some very happy customers.

    Some of the services I offer are threading for and supply of moderators for rifles, crowning, re-barrelling, re-stocking, trigger work/replacement, precision case neck turning, load development, bead blasting and hopefully soon ceramic/xylan coatings. I will also clean and service your weapon as you require and probably more importantly if you are having an accuracy problem?

    Please feel free to ping a message at me if there is anything you want answering, or any other enquiries you may have.

    I am a shooting, fishing and machining enthusiast, hold an FAC, SGC and am also a Registered Firearms Dealer.

    Best regards

    Trifle Codor

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Welcome to the site , where abouts in north yorkshire are you based at ?

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    Welcome and good luck with the business.

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    About 10 miles directly north of York, a stones throw from Easingwold


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    Quote Originally Posted by limey View Post
    Welcome and good luck with the business.
    Many thanks, will post details of some of my first projects, one of the first was to sort a problem with a rifle that was tearing cases, initial thoughts of head space issue confirmed so chamber recut after barrel set back, customer on the Stags as we speak!


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