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Thread: Well overdue thanks

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    Well overdue thanks

    This post is well overdue but my work load through the summer kept me to knackered to sit at the keyboard when I got home in the evening to do Wayne Davis and Pete (Roedinator) justice.

    Wayne and I did'nt know each other earlier this year but we had some contact on this site about deer dogs, our dogs in particular.
    Wayne uses a GSP and I use a GWP and ironically both called Max Im sure Wayne will not mind me saying that he is just as daft about his dog as I am about mine, they only want to please you.
    I guess we are all like that

    To cut to the chase, Wayne invited me over to his ground for the Roe rut over a weekend at the back end of July.
    He also invited me to stay at his place for the weekend which I considered very generous as he and his wife didn't know me from adam.
    He did tell me later that his wife was a little concerned that I might be an inbred psycho from Norfolk but calmed down when she saw I didn't have two heads and was fairly house trained.

    I arrived on the Friday lunchtime and after a late breakfast and a get to know each other chat we headed off for the first of three stalks.
    That evening I was taught how to use the Buttolo.
    I have used the Buttolo myself on my own ground but with nowhere near the quick success that Wayne had.
    Before I knew it Wayne had called a Roe buck to the fence line and I was being told to get ready for when he came through the fence.
    I had a little time to wach him with the bino's before he gave me a nice broadside and it was all over. Pull the trigger and the excitement stops and the work starts.
    He was great 5 pointer and if he had made 6 he would have been a medal I am sure, but this weekend was not about medals.
    I had two more stalks the next morning and harvested two more bucks both to the Buttolo.
    Wayne called the third buck so well I thought he was coming over the fence to join us. At one time he was only yards away and Wayne,myself and Max were like statues, so close I thought we must surely screw up but all went well.

    I cannot thank Wayne enough for his kindness and generosity over that weekend, all he seemed to care about was his guest having a great time and that I surely did.
    I have met a lot of people in the deer world over the years and not many come to mind as gentlemen but Wayne fits that bill to a T
    If you are lucky enough to get an invite to hunt with Wayne on his ground take my advice and go.

    Thanks mate

    Pete aka Roedinator contacted me earlier this year about swapping a Roe buck stalk in Somerset for a CWD in Norfolk.
    Never one to turn down a chance to meet a another hunter on new ground I jumped at the chance.
    Debs and I travelled to Somerset on August 20th as we planned to have a weekend together, well sort of, you know how it is
    Pete would have arranged B&B and had I been on my own that would have been fine, but as Debs was along I booked a "posh" hotel to make it a bit special for her too. Oh come on you have to play the game don't you

    We got sorted at the hotel and then went to meet Pete at his place where Debs and I were given a very warm welcome from him and his lovely family.
    Pete is the sort of guy you warm to straight away, up front and no ******** just like Wayne Davis so I knew it would be a good weekend.
    Pete gave me excellent directions to his place right from the start which was twenty mins from the hotel and still I got bloody lost when I went back for the evening stalk.
    After frantic phone calls, Pete finally got me to his place.
    I'm sure he was thinking "I hope he can stalk better than he can navigate"
    This evenings hunt would be from a high seat in a wood where Pete told me he had seen a nice buck on several previous outings.
    We stalked to the high seat nice and quiet only to find we had an audience of three doe's .
    We had to get in the high seat so it was s**t or bust and somehow we managed it with six eyes on us.
    The doe's stayed put and we settled in to see how the evening panned out.
    We watched a lot of doe activity but no Mr Buck and as the dimness started to settle over the wood I thought "maybe not tonight".
    Then Pete nudged my arm and nodded to my left and whispered "do you see him?".
    I wanted to see him, god how I wanted to see him but I was Buck Blind and all I could see was trees.
    There he is Pete said again just by that little fir, still I could not catch his movement, and I thought I had some experience at this game
    I finally saw him and got him in the scope but would the tricky little sucker give me a broadside would he hell.
    The light was going fast and Mr Buck looked to be leaving the scene as well, but as his luck ran out mine kicked in and I got the broadside I had been waiting for and it was all over.
    Mr Buck was a lovely six pointer and now has pride of place on the kitchen wall with the Munty and CWD.
    It was a great evening's hunt and in great company too.
    We went out the next morning but drew a blank on the Roe but not on the great scenery.
    That evening we had Pete and his lovely wife Teresa over to the hotel for dinner on us and finished off the weekend with great food and even better company.
    Thanks for a great weekend mate, I hope I can guide you to your CWD buck half as well when you come to Nofolk.

    Wayne and Pete are two top men, they know there ground and the deer on it and are passsionate about the sport, and also they want you to have a good experience in there company. Enough said.

    Its down to this site that I was able to meet two like minded people so,



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    exellent write up

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    can't agree more Max
    Wayne and Pete
    2 great guys

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    I will second that top guys on a top site and long may it continue

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    Good write up. More and more we are seeing how this site is able to forge friendships and see its members help and support each other.

    I like many on here have met what I think will be life long friendships through the site. Its a pity none of them look anything close to Pippa.

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    As said before this site is a great way to meet like minded people and make great frienships. Long may it continue!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well done Wayne and Pete. Nice one guys


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    243Varmint - I agree. I've stalked with both Roedinator & Rick O Shea - I learnt a lot, and respect them both. But I'll never be able to gralloch a beast like Rick...awesome!

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    Hi Max
    It was my pleasure mate, really enjoyed the weekend and made a change to stalk my own ground in the rut.
    Sorry coundn't find you a bigger buck maybe next time.

    I didn't see that big boy we spotted on my boundary again but I did catch up with the malform I was after (he's at the taxidermist).

    Ohh by the way did the saddle chafe or was it a good fit

    Here's a pic of the 5 pointer.


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    Thanks for posting the pics I did'nt see them when you last posted them.

    The five pointer is still in the freezer but will be boiled out soon and go up on the wall.

    Saddle chaff sorted, cost 2000 so thats the new 30.06 barrel down the tolet. Maybe next year

    Have a good w/end


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    only just back from cornwall shooting on a dog trial so just
    picked up this post .
    thank you for such a kind write up i hadnt heard from you for a
    while id thought youd either fallen off a roof or got lost again
    i would just like to take the oppertunity to thank you for a lovely
    dinner . great company also your allways welcome as a guest
    on my patch .
    look after that lovely lady debs regards pete and teresa .

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