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Thread: A break from stalking to bag some bunnies

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    A break from stalking to bag some bunnies

    Not sure how interested you'll be as it's not stalking but I had a break from my recent run of 7 outings without my 1st deer to bag some bunnies last night. We have a small farm permission that has some paddocks that I've not visited for a while and have been asked to trim the bunnies somewhat.

    Only had an hour or so between work and sundown but managed 4 bunnies, all using my Limulus quad sticks to head shoot them with the 32ft/lb Rapid 7, the furthest being 60yds with 1.5 mil dots holdover It's great practice for stalking and shooting off the sticks, head shooting bunnies and trying to get close enough to my 40 yard zero as much as poss!!

    I also spotted some nice field mushrooms and shaggy ink caps which will be consumed later in an ommlette for tea!!

    Normal service will be resumed at the weekend to hopefully grass my 1st solo deer!


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    an air rifle does hone the stalking skills a bit, plus sometimes its just nice to be out with a gun

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    I'm with you on this. I've been stalking a fair bit this year, so this week, for a change, I went back to where it all started for me, my S410 .22 12lb air rifle. Stalking freehand with a led lenser on top for lambing, I had great fun trying to stalk in close for a 30yd shot.

    ​Well done on the bunnies.

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    +1 I like all shooting write ups and have started to take my .22 rf rabbiting as seriously as stalking. I think care and precision with the rf helps my centre fire shooting. Where as snap free handing rabbits I feel can be detrimental to my cf shooting. I guess it depends how much of each you are doing but I use the rf the majority of shots fired by far. Liked the write up.

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    I wondered how you rate the theoben rapid 7?what model is it mk2?thanks Paul

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    Great shooting stratts and good luck with the first solo

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    Cheers chaps still waiting for my 1st after another blank yesterday morning!!

    It's an early Mk1 FAC mate with a few custom tweaks to the internals and is a cracking piece of kit, albeit a bit heavy now I've gone up to a 500cc bottle and 19" barrel to raise the shot count. Certainly takes no prisoners putting 21gr bis mags out at 32ft lb!!
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    i'm quite interested in that rapid, whats the exact spec? did you fit a reg?apparently the mk2 has a reg fitted from new,was the barrel upgrade a theoben part or an after market piece.?ta Paul

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    Hi Paul,
    It has a titanium stem, silent pip, upgraded hammer springs and a couple of other internal bits I can't remember as a friend on the Rapid 7 forum helped me with the work.
    I fitted the 500cc bottle and Dr Bobs pressure guage then drilled the stock for the quickfill adapter to fit underneath.
    It needed the 19" barrel so the moderator would fit as the original 16" barrel was not long enough for the bigger bottle. Barrel is an Anshutz, not sure what Theoben used from the factory before they went bust though?!
    Mod was another custom made reflex job by another member on the forum designed by himself and made from Delrin which is super quiet and lightweight!
    No reg fitted as I don't think it's possible with the old Mk1. This was bought mint from the original owner from new and is from 1987!!
    Only thing wrong now is the original Gamo trigger is not as crisp as I'd like, but my friend has a custom one we are going to try and fit in the next month or two hopefully. It could also do with the barrel polishing as it's pellet fussy and only groups the heavy bis mags how I'd like. It would be nice to use 16gr pellets to flatten the trajectory but I know the holdover perfectly now so it's not a biggy. My furthest bunny to date is 75 yds headshot which is 3 dots holdover on 10 mag, simples, lol!!

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    Thanks Stratts, that sounds good to me, ive just joined the rapid 7 forum and i'm reading up on them.I'm going to have to sell my AA 510 fac as ive only one slot on my fac for air.The 510 is a great rifle,but i just fancy a change and to check out the Rapid 7 and see why they are rated so highly and cost so much more!atb Paul

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