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    What weight and make off factory .308 ammo would you recommend for shooting reds and sika? Thanks

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    I think any 150gn or more .308 round that shoots accurately in your gun would be fine mate. I like federal fusion or Norma 150gns through my .308 - not tried them on reds yet but they do the business on other stuff.

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    The blue box Federal Powershok 150 grain shot well in my rifle (I can't reload for any better accuracy) despite not always looking great and they killed all the sika and the very few reds I shot with them. They were about the least expensive rounds I could get a reasonable supply of as well.

    My advice is to focus on what you can get a reliable supply of, especially in NI right at the end of the supply chain. There is nothing more annoying than getting the rifle zeroed with one type of ammo and running out only to have to put up with a lot of teeth sucking from the dealer as he tells you how hard they are to get and then tries to sell you something different. You'll read a lot of stuff on the internet about this magic bullet, or the other magic bullet, but the best bullet of all is the one you have, and the one you can easily buy more of.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lee401 View Post
    What weight and make off factory .308 ammo would you recommend for shooting reds and sika? Thanks
    Hi Lee,

    The only person that can answer this is yourself really mate..

    Your rifle will take to one make and weight better than another with regards to consistency and accuracy so imo its really upto you to get on the range with some mates and borrow a couple of factory rounds of each and see how it goes.

    imo the 123g Sako Soft Points do a great job and is what I prefer. I have shot some big Reds and choose to neck shoot Sika but regardless the round performs..

    If your open hill on the Reds and are looking at a longer shot rather than what may be ideal then accuracy and shot placement with a good round will make the day rather than a heavy bullet your rifle does not like
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