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Thread: gaining experience in return for some help

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    gaining experience in return for some help


    im JR i was brought up in the city when i was young but all the school holidays i was out in the country where my late father got me in to shooting and gundogs and now have a passion for both but my real passion is stalking iv been given a few days stalking as birthday and christmas gifts over the years but would love to gain more experience in to the art of stalking done a few grallochs but would like to gain he experience of taking head off and the rear end as well as learning the art of preparing a head ect use of drag ropes as there is a good possibility i will be in a syndicate this time next year. so i would be most greatful if someone one here could take me out teach me all the above arts once a week/fortnite or month in return id be happy to come out once or twice a week to help with pest control when needed or help when it comes to burning heather or being an extra gun if the fox hounds are coming as iv some experience of them tho im now 40 still see ever day as a school day you never stop learning ..and nothing beats hands no we call all sit in a class room but to me nothing will ever beat getting out there an learning looking for help in the Angus an Perthshire areas on hill an low ground if possible

    we bit about me now im 40 stay in broughty ferry dundee work in a warehouse and away to start getting back into the countryside iv done plenty of beating an picking up over the years and thing anything i shoot should be treated with respect from the moment you shoot it till it comes out the pan or oven

    i own a

    have my snaring cert
    my level1 DSC &meat hygiene
    a quad cert

    done beating
    picking up
    burnt heather
    pest control
    helped whistle feed
    put grit out for grouse

    cant start to help out till late dec /new year hopefully i may get a 1 or 2 pms even just to get to no me then who knows were it can lead..

    areas im looking for is angus an perthshire areas

    thanks for taking the time to read this

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    good luck finding something,

    its better than some peoples gimme gimme,

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    Have to agree bobt at least this guys showing some willing , hope you find some help mate ,
    ​atb Jim
    There are no perfect men in this world ..... Only perfect intentions

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    good luck , i am sure someone will offer assistance to you ,just a pity you left it until the last weekend off the stag season as i think a lot stalkers would have traded a lift dragging a big stag for some training swap!

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    Arron if I could have done it earlier I would have away to cut my hours back but had to compromise with my work because of Christmas. :-(

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    Will also throw in a nice bottle of malt as a thank you. Too

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    they will be fighting over you

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    Couple of pms would be a start ;-)

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    Willing to consider slightly further afield if it helps. tho preference would be Angus..Perthshire fife

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