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Thread: Tikka M595 Bolt

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    Tikka M595 Bolt

    Not sure how to explain this one..I was wiping the bolt with an oily rag, and somehow managed to move the bolt shroud, so that the guide is now out of true. It wouldn't be such a problem but I'm off for 3 day's stalking on Sunday...all advice gratefully received!

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    It sounds like you have de- cocked your bolt, simply look at the bolt when you have it in line as if you were going to replace it in the action, it will be apparent which way you need to move the body of the bolt, should'nt have to much resistance for a M595, it's lucky it is'nt an older Sako, do not struggle with metal tools, if you need more force than just your hands & a bit of soft wood, take it to someone who knows about this stuff! Steve.

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    Thanks, Steve. Problem solved!

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    I did the same to my new T3 Tik's bolt - regretted it in a big way it took me an hour and some sore hands to get the damed thing back.

    Wont do it again in a hurry.


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