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Thread: Altberg military spec boots

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    Altberg military spec boots

    Has anyone any recent experience of the Altberg military spec boots ?
    I quite fancied a pair of the Aqua Sneeker boots which seemed waterproof and light, should be fine for lowland and woodland methinks.
    Advice on fit and quality of current/recent purchases if you have, cheers.

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    I'm going up there next week to have a look as I thought they looked good for it too. Will report back if visit is successful.

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    Ah, ideal to be able to try them on, but it's a fair hike from Furryboots to Altberg Boots !
    I'll look forward to your reports !

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    I've had a few pairs of the military spec altbergs all have been great and hard wearing aqua sneekers where ok but but I don't like lined boots I prefer leather with a soft leather lining.

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    I have a pair of peacekeepers, cracking boots but the skywalk sole is deadly slippy on wet rock etc Prefer vibram soled boots.

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    If you are a serving police officer, you get a discount with altberg if you can prove it.
    I got a pair of peacekeepers a couple of weeks ago and they were 97 instead of 135.

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    Just waiting on my Alt Berg motorcycle boots arriving. By all accounts they are the nuts

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    I've got a pair of regular Altburg sneekers and they're pretty good. Nice ad soft now, very comfy.

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