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Thread: online cook book

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    online cook book

    just uploading one of my better cook books a bit American but it is OK
    30 odd paged of venison recipes "HOMER MOMENT" mmmmmm venison

    the venison chilly if fab but just add a couple of large chunks of dark chocolate makes it so rich and tasty " mmmmmmmm tasty"

    here you go it is a download but good

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    Mate, that's fantastic!
    Took a while to download at 21.1 MB though!
    All I need now is a Moose!
    Cheers, MS

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monkey Spanker
    Took a while to download at 21.1 MB though!
    not everything in life is free you have to work for some things or get a better broadband provider

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    That looks like a usefull site. It might be American but that`s the fun of game cookery, experiment and see what happens!!

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    Thanks very much, going to give it a read and see what looks good although venison and chocolate sounds a cracking idea.

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