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    Flash222004 excellent deal

    I hope these types of topics are acceptable in order to help members regarding online transactions. I bought a meopta from Gordon in the classifieds yesterday, and here I am today looking at it, a lovely scope which arrived well packaged, special delivery and wearing a free set of BC covers. He described it as a bit of a workhorse scope, not a show piece, so I was expecting something which I would probably be embarrassed to be seen out with in daylight hours! However, the scope that has arrived is in much better condition than that, clearly very undersold in the description, in fact one of the better ones in my collection. I don't do much online trading (mainly through fear of getting ripped off, oh and never having any money...) however deals like this really restore your faith. Many thanks, I hope the deal was as smooth for you, you are a gent.


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    Good to hear of some good deals going ahead rather than the unsavoury ones! I have 2 meopta scopes and they are cracking. Also just to let you know mate if you contact Meopta they are very good to deal with. I bought one second hand and damaged the eyepiece rubber, gave them the serial number and they sent me out a new one foc, even though they new it was 2nd hand and out of warranty,

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