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Thread: Anyone use in ear hearing protection while stalking?

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    Anyone use in ear hearing protection while stalking?

    I've been looking around and found a few different makes of in ear protection for less than 100, the two main ones being Cens and Noisebreaker by Emtec. These are passive, not digital.

    Does anyone use these while stalking as I was mainly going to get them for when I use the shottie, but if they do not dull the sounds too much I think they would be good to protect my hearing at all times shooting?

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    To be honest I don't wear any for stalking but do with shotgun , I should as I've lost a lot of hearing from my left ear due to industrial deafness .
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    Used Walkers Tactical ear years ago, was ok but the wet/moisture eventually got the better of them. This was before sound mods of course.

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    I use Peltor Sport Tac for all my shoot be it range or hunting. Should be able to get a pair for about 100

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    I use 'issue' in ear plugs, they have two 'ends', green and yellow, the green reduce all sounds, the yellow, just loud/sudden noise, great for the shotgun, all I hear is the action cycling, and use a mod on the rifles, bar the T4, so I tend to wear them if using that too. Might be worth a look in your local army surplus store

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    I wear the Emtec ones, very comfy once your used to them. They do work well at stopping the harmful noises, well worth the money

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    Keep meening to get a pair of those moulded to your ear jobs for in-the-field use but just never get araound to it.

    Peltor Com-Tac's for range use.


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    Ive been and got moulds done for the emtec ones, hopefully they will turn up soon

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ranger22 View Post
    I wear the emetic ones

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    i use cens for rifles and sporttac for shotguns as the ear cups afford protection to the bone as well.

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