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    hello hello.

    Hello all,

    I'm J, recently moved down to Devon where my partner and I have bought a small (23 acre) farm that we intend to open as a small campsite and smallholding for ourselves. Many years ago I used to shoot rifle and pistol for my university, when we were allowed to do such things easily and also shot archery for my uni too. Last year I bought an air rifle to start doing some shooting again and the move to the countryside and the farm has given me the incentive to get into shooting again more seriously. I've just received my shotgun license and looking for a budget gun to pick up, I've a friend who's just becoming an RFD so he's keeping his eye out for something suitable and is my reference for most things shooting. I'm mainly intending to start doing some rough shooting along with some clays, I'll be arranging some coaching from the local basc coach very soon.

    Next year I'm planning to apply for my FAC, starting out with a .22lr for bunny bashing and would like to move into deer stalking. We have 7 acres of woodland on our farm that is old coppice that's been unmanaged for decades. We've startled a few deer down there and often see them in our fields. When I start returning the woodland to coppice rotation I'll have to protect against deer and there's a thought to learn to shoot them for the pot though I'm not sure if that's allowable given how small our farm is, though a high seat might make it possible.

    We have a local deer farm and I'm hoping to learn more about stalking from the owner and any other people locally that I can connect with as I've never shot live targets before, which is why I've joined this and some other forums to start learning more about it. I may have the chance to do some beating for a small local shoot if my work schedule allows it which should help me learn more about how these things work. I'm mostly working in London for the next year but after that hope to be down on the farm permanently.


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    Hi I've took up deer stalking earlier this year with my daughter and have shot two roebucks under supervision. We have just got our DSC 1. Recommend joining the BDS and doing the course. All nice people and very helpful.

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    Good luck with the smallholding - great way of life!

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    welcome, sounds interesting.

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    Hi J welcome to the site and to the westcountry from just over the county boundary in somerset. W.S.
    Walk little- look often .

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    Thanks for all the welcomes, I'm looking forward to changing my lifestyle more in line with my wishes and stalking is a part of that. should be an interesting adventure.

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    Welcome to Sd,from over the Tamar(English border) in Kernow....

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