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Thread: Bargin starter rifle set up

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    Bargin starter rifle set up

    My Tikka T3 hunter in .243 is for sale.
    This has been my foxing/roe set up.
    This rifle is in a superb condition.
    The action is as clean as it came out of the box.
    The barrel has a clean crown and a 14x1m thread for a moderator.
    The bolt has a lumlly arms stainless EDM shroud (I did not like the plastic factory ones).
    The rifle has fired 350-400 rounds. Some were factory. The rest were lee dipper hand loads, so no where near hot charges.
    I have had a moderate cleaning policy on this rifle. Its bean dried when it has been wet and never left damp.

    The mounts are DMZ game reaper. The scope is a Nikko target master 10-50x60 illuminated mil-dot reticule.

    It will shot 3/4" groups with factory and clover-1/2", with my home made 68 grain dipper loaded lee rounds.

    The set up also includes a five shoot mag as well as the standard 3 shot.

    The rifle is currently located at RFD for immediate transfer.

    The whole package is 650+rfd cost your end should you need it.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_0363.jpg 
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Name:	IMG_0359.jpg 
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    I can supply more photos if you need them.
    please pm me if you are interested.
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    Thought you were going to canabilise this to make your 260

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    That was the plan. But things have kind of changed. How are you mate? I will call you if your around the weekend!

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    I am at work at the moment mate but have a week off fom thursday morning

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    I'm glad you mentioned it was it the RFD - for a minute I thought "That's one impressive gun collection"!
    Good luck with the sale, Richard

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    Sold pending usual

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