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Thread: Remy 700 .243 S/A BDL Synthetic Stock and Metalware.

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    Remy 700 .243 S/A BDL Synthetic Stock and Metalware.

    Hiya, My Remy 700 .243 is an ADL S/A model, and I want to change it to a BDL...anyone got a synthetic stock for sale c/w metalware??

    Doesnt have to be immaculate, but decent and servicable would be great...oh, and a reasonable price please too...

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    Have a 700SA BDL composite stock, VG condition, think its made by Bell and Carson. Black with grey spiderweb with full length alloy bedding block and bottom metal 135 posted.

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    Hiya, Thanks for the offer, BUT, it's a tad too nice and a tad too expensive much for what I have in mind for the will be in and out of 4x4's and on and off of quads and tractors for the rest of it's life.......I'm looking for a run of the mill Remy stock in synthetic...I should have stated that....

    Thanks again tho....

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    Yes I think I have a standard stock, I'll have a look in a bit.

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    Thanks Jager...

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