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    just home from work and my level 2 certificate has finally arrived

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    well done , im goin for mine in the next couple of weeks

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    Well done . Waiting for mine. How long since you had the phone call ?
    Atb steve

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    Out of interest how long was it between receiving your portfolio back through the post to getting your certificate?

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    Thanks for the replys guys . About seven weeks from the phone call got everything back at the same time

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    Well done,when did you send your portfolio in?

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    Well done Dave Great news.

    Rgds. Auld yin.
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    Well done, you should be rightly proud of your achievement!

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    Well done fella,that's quick mines been away since 1st Aug,had the phone call and all in order.....might give Shella a phone next week.

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