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Thread: Hi from North Somerset

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    Hi from North Somerset

    Hi all,

    I have just moved to the village of Backwell just outside of Bristol. I started shooting air rifles back in the mid eighties and have made the usual progression to Rimfire (.22LR & .17HMR) for the bunnies, Centrefire (.223 Rem) for Foxy, and just recently I passed my DSC1 and purchased a .308 Win for deer. Unfortunately my career in stalking has been rudely interupted due to the fact that both my permissions already have stalkers who own the rights (how inconvenient of them!) I have yet to point the muzzle of my lovely Remington PSS at a deer so I am keen build my knowledge by using this forum and maybe open a few doors in gaining experience.

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    Hi ghurka you have joined the correct site if its knowledge you are after and if you cant find it here it probably isnt worth knowing anyway lol

    Theres a few guys on the site who offer stalking opportunities if its experience you are after whilst looking for your own ground.

    Anyway welcome aboard

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    Hi From the Bath side of Bristol, i know Backwell well, had any luck with the deer yet?

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