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Thread: bresser 5x50 digital n/v 7in screen

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    bresser 5x50 digital n/v 7in screen

    hi lads hear forsale is one bresser 5x50digital monocular one window mount one 7inch dvdscreen with 12volt power cable and conecting cable from bresser to screen i used this set up when baiting foxesfrom the truck simpley atach monocular to the window mount and point in directiion of you bait and watch on the screen it could be attached to a 12v litium battery to work as a portable unit or mounted to a gun ie manufacture a bracket for the screen atach to scope atach bresser to gun and use lazer iluminator for aiming which can be viewed on screen so if your in to manufacturing your own shooting set up this may be posable with a bitt of thought but as a car set up itsvery good il even throe in asoviet bazare lazer pointer if your in to the gun idea so one bresser one window mount one screen one conecting cable one lazer one remote for the screen and instrictions the lot 125posted pay pall ok if you want the kit please say you will have it and its adone deal thanks

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    What is your location ( county)?

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