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Thread: Using a mentors land

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    Using a mentors land

    Now I have just renewed my FAC after 5 years and received an open ticket.

    A friend / work mate has received his own FAC after going through the stages off application.
    He has received slots for 22lr and 17hmr + mods for vermin, and a 22-250+mod for fox. (Was told he wasnt allowed a 243 as its a deer calibre) even though he stated he may want to take up stalking in the future.

    Now he was told he would need a mentor and asked me to which I agree'd. I know I can go out with him on land he has permission to be on, HOWEVER, we would like to know if he can come onto my permission with his own guns to get experience for foxing etc under my supervision , without having to go through the ball ache of getting him all permission letters on the farms I shoot etc and getting them signed off for him

    Appreciate any advice, cheers - Lloyd

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    What doe,s his ticket say if it is the standard land deemed suitably by the CC and which he has permission to shoot then he is ok, no need to send letters off.

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    It shouldn't be a problem provided of cause he has permission to shoot on your permissions too? You don't want any land owners asking what he's doing there as the permission was only given for you! His cert will not say that all permissions need a letter of proof just that he must have permission and basically have been cleared which you already know it has been.
    As usual, a quick email to the FEO would clear things up though.

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    It sounds like the easiest way for him to shoot on your permission is to use you rifle under your supervision, no paper work required.

    To stalk deer on his permission he first needs to get deer on his FAC, it may come back with a mentoring condition. Your FLO cannot refuse deer if he has good reason to have it on his FAC.
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    The usual protocol is to phone or text farmer in the normal way and ask if it's ok to bring a mate along, no need for written permission as long as you are sure that the farmer will confirm that he gave permission if Old Bill turns up.
    It's always best to be up-front about taking a mate onto your permission, don't just assume it will be fine. Farmers can be funny old buggers (I am the son of one) and very protective about who they let roam their land.
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    I don't believe it, not mentors and mentoring again. Why do some police forces insist on mentoring? What utter rubbish.
    The OP's question is whether his friend can use his weapons on land where the OP has 'written' permission and should remain as such. The Chief Officer will have conditioned the friend's use to land where he has written permission I suspect. So the answer is your friend needs written permission from the landowner in my view.
    Whether you are a mentor or not does not matter.

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    asked the same question today to my flo who came to check my rfd and yes if you want to take your mate on your permissions your mate has to have written permission from the land owner too and the permission letters send to his issuing force (or a letter from you if you own the sole sporting rights to said land)

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    If the FAC conditions do indeed say "written permission" then the shooter must possess this before shooting, however the firearms act does not make any provision for the requirement of written permission to shoot on land.
    Lloyd if your mate has a closed ticket he must also proove that the land over which he wants on shoot is cleared for the calibres he wants to use, he should not shoot on any land untill he is completely sure he can


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