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Thread: Shotgun for a Youngster

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    Shotgun for a Youngster


    I am looking to get my kids (8 and 11) and other young relatives/friends started on some clays.

    I have fairly limited funds (200 max) and don't want to risk buying something expensive they use once then have no interest in.

    I am ideally looking for something fairly light, with a short stock and low recoil. I suppose a 410 is the obvious thing, but the right 28 or 20 bore might do.

    Anyway, please PM me with what you've got. There must be something cluttering up a cabinet somewhere!

    Many thanks,


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    Still looking!!

    There must be something knocking about, sat in a cabinet or lurking in a shop somewhere - have tried the usual 'tinternet sources without success.

    Could now stretch to 250 for the right gun.



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    We started my boy on a 28g, much better than a .410, but nae good finding a cheap one, and they're certainly nae cheap to feed. Difficult time of year to find guns, with most being in use. Keep ma ears peeled.

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    i will have a look see whats on the shelf ..


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    Haggis Hunter, you have pm.


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    Thanks to all who have replied. Some good ideas and offers.



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