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    Predator Enticer

    Hi Everyone.
    I am going to order one of the above from the states. I have asked and they have agreed that I can order 10 units and get them shipped direct to me. Unlike the UK based ones these will come with 3 additional stakes and 5 toppers.
    If anyone is interested in me getting them one please PM me. The cost after Tax and Duty and shipping will be 40.00. The UK based ones are 39.99 and then there is the postage on top.
    Let me know chaps and once I have 9 others I will get them ordered. I will need the money up front though. I aint made of money!! lol

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    Just be careful though. I was importing these 6 years ago and the failure rate was around 25%! Cost us a bloody fortune returning them to the mountain man guy who makes 'em.

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    Noted and thanks, although I have spoke to Eric and he says that these newer models are better and the return rate is almost zero. May be he would say that but he sounds a genuine chap

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    Yeah, he is a decent bloke, and as I say, it was a good few years ago that we got them in so he has probably updated the circuit boards by now. Hope it goes well for you, they are very good on crows!

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